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Who Are We?

We are three bisexual friends with a passion for finding, making and publishing bisexual erotica. Webmaster Drew is the owner and manager of this site. Assistant Webmistress Kim and Assistant Webmaster Michael help with updates and customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (from potential members):

What format are the videos in? Most new videos (Fall 2011 and later) are digitized in two formats: WMV (Windows Media), and MP4 (4th Generation MPEG). Both at about 1500 mbps and usually 640 pixels in width. Prior to Fall 2011 we digitized videos in WMV and MPG (2nd Generation MPEG) - most at about 1200 mbps.

Will the site work on my tablet or phone?: It should, because we do not use Flash on the site (except for some erotic games). But admittedly we have not designed the site for narrow screens. You should be able to get at all the content however, and most importantly, you should be able to view all the videos because we do not use Flash for the videos.

Help! I've Lost My Password!

No problem. CCBill has a great system for that and in almost every case you can be emailed your password in seconds:
Click To Retrieve Your Password Right Now

If for any reason you are not able retrieve your password instantaneously through the CCBill system above, then you can contact us through our Contact Us page.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

To cancel your membership at any time click here. This will take you to the CCBill Support page, where you can view your subscription information and cancel.

If, for any reason that link does not work then you can go to the main CCBill website (CCBill.com) here. On their website you will see a button saying "To Cancel Your Membership/Subscription" (or similar), you can do it online, or via their 1-800 phone number.

We would love it if you would give us some feedback before you go so that we can take your suggestions and improve our site. The Feedback Form.

Tips and Tricks For New Members:

Entering the site: The easiest way to enter the site is to bookmark the "Main" page, http://www.threepillows.com/members/main.htm. Then when you click on your bookmark the window prompting for your username and password will pop up followed by the main page (provided you entered your user and password correctly).

"I'm worried about losing my username and password": Don't sweat it too much. If this ever happens just type in our site url, http://www.threepillows.com (or do a search on "three pillows" at any of the major search engines), and follow the links there labelled "Lost Password?" or "Customer Support" (that's this page). See the buttons below if you have lost your password.

Billing Questions or Problems:

We have chosen our billing partner CCBill because we believe they have the best customer service out there. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact them via the various methods (email, 1-800 phone number) on their website www.ccbill.com

Because we pay them a lot of money to give you stellar service we are always interested in knowing if you have a problem with them and in those cases please contact us below.

Our Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy is very simple and crystal-clear (no legal mumbo-jumbo to go through)... We will never sell, trade, give or reveal your email address to anyone, and we will never send you unsolicited email, EVER. In otherwords, you will NEVER receive any unsolicited email as a result of joining Three Pillows. Simple as that.

Contact Us

You can use this form to send us an inquiry, comment or feedback, OR send an email to Drew at the address below...

If you contact us and need a reply and use a spam filter that requires you to pre-approve email addresses for them to get through to you, such as with Earthlink and some AOL accounts, then please approve the email address above as that is the address your reply will be coming from. We sometimes have problems getting replies through to some members who ask for help because of this. Please arrange for mail from the address above to be able to get to you. Thanks.